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About KLMayer

KLMayer Consulting Group, LLC works with organizations in the private, public and social sectors providing guidance, leadership training and organizational development. Kristina L. Mayer, Ed. D. founded KLMayer Consulting Group in 2004. Her vision; a network of talented professionals committed to providing innovative solutions for organizational leaders. Today, KLMayer Consulting Group has a solid reputation guiding organizations towards realizing their full potential.

Drawing on an extensive network and her deep knowledge of philanthropy and education, KLMayer creates tailored solutions for clients around the country. Organizations grow their ability to fulfill their missions by focusing on results that improve the way they do their work and the way they serve their community.

A Balanced Approach
A healthy and balanced approach to life and leadership leads to greater energy, clarity, focus and emotional stamina. KLMayer brings a holistic approach to leadership developed from her commitment to wellness through physical movement, personal reflection and positive mindset.

Our Mission and Values
We guide open and honest communication as a way to create a nurturing environment for collaboration and creativity.

By providing asset-based problem solving, we strive to break down stumbling blocks and unravel knotty problems.

We help our clients develop clear, focused intentions and solid plans that lead to greater impact in the communities they serve.

A balanced approach to leadership promotes sustained well-being and improved performance, we coach leaders in finding that balance.


We have a strong background in:

  • Helping foundations develop strong philanthropic initiatives.
  • Guiding nonprofits in developing organizational capacity and reaching goals.
  • Working with small businesses and individuals seeking guidance in managing their charitable giving.
  • Providing specialized experience as sub-contractors to other consulting firms.



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