Kristina L. Mayer Ed. D. leads the KLMayer Consulting Group, LLC, providing leadership training and organizational development for the private, public and social sectors. Dr. Mayer brings her deep knowledge of philanthropy and education to clients around the country.

Most of the photography on this website was taken by Kris Mayer on her many travels and adventures.

Career Accomplishments
Before launching her consulting career in 2004, Kristina was a program officer for nearly a decade at both the Stuart Foundation and the Washington Mutual Foundation. She has worked in teacher development, public policy and the arts. She spent 20 years as a school reformer, teacher and principal. In 2006, Governor Christine Gregoire appointed Dr. Mayer to the Washington State Board of Education. She was reappointed to a second four-year term in 2011 and continues to serve as the Board Lead for the statewide Systems Performance Accountability task force.

Inspiring Innovative Change
Throughout her career, Kristina has been a natural leader and creator inspiring innovative change through initiatives and programs at home and abroad. She applied her expertise in the field of education by spearheading the Washington Initiative for National Board Certification. This multi-foundation, statewide initiative dramatically increased the number of certified teachers in the state by expanding infrastructure and policy support. Kristina initiated the Center for Strengthening the Teaching Profession, a nonprofit organization that offers research and policy recommendations for enhancing teaching quality in Washington State. She launched the Jefferson County Community Foundation in 2004. When she retired from her position as Founding Director eight years later, the Jefferson County Community Foundation had received national certification from the Council on Foundations as meeting National Standards, and had reached $1M in assets. Early in her teaching career, Kristina founded the Kettle View School of the Woods near Kettle Falls, WA, a small rural school that provided quality education for a generation of students.

Dr. Mayer is a doctoral graduate of the Fielding Graduate Institute in Santa Barbara, CA, with a degree in Education Leadership and Change. She has earned a Masters of Arts in Education from Gonzaga University with a concentration in curriculum and administration, and a Bachelor of Education with honors from Seattle University.

Dr. Kristina Mayer is part of the inaugural faculty in the Non-profit Management Certification Program at the University of Washington Tacoma where she is teaching two core classes and three electives. The classes include Leadership, Fundraising and Resource Development, Leadership and Board Governance, Strategic Management and Grantwriting Basics.

Conscious Movement
Kristina is a dedicated practitioner and teacher of the movement arts Soul Motion™ and Nia. In 2011, she completed the yearlong Soul Motion™ teacher training with creator Vinn Martí. In August of that same year, she earned her White Belt in Nia becoming a Sensation Scientist and Certified Nia Teacher. In May 2012, Kristina completed the Green Belt training, a weeklong intensive that focuses on the art of teaching. Kristina holds the belief that; a healthy and balanced approach to life and leadership leads to greater energy, clarity, focus, and emotional stamina. She brings this philosophy to her work and her life promoting wellness through physical movement, personal reflection, and positive mindset.

A world traveler, Kristina applies her professional skills when she goes abroad, creating positive change in the communities she visits. After a trip to Nicaragua, she co-created the Nicaragua 2001 Foundation, an organization that facilitates economic enterprises and micro-lending by linking U.S. donors with third-world entrepreneurs.


• National Association of Elementary 
School Principals/Association of Washington School Principals (NAESP/AWSP)
• Philanthropy Northwest
• National Network of Consultants to Grantmakers
• Association of Supervision and Curriculum Development (ASCD)
• Leadership Tomorrow


Board Service
• Washington State Board of Education
• University of Washington Continuing Education Advisory Board in Nonprofit Management

For the Love of
Documentary Film

In preparation for the annual Port Townsend Film Festival, Kristina combines her knowledge and passion for documentary films with her skills in team building and leadership. Each year she hosts a salon where volunteers learn the art of film critique and view and discuss the documentaries to be considered for the program.

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