Organizational Development

Build up your organization to effectively fulfill the mission it serves with our comprehensive organizational development expertise.

Assessment of Capacity Needs
We help you develop a clear picture of your organization's strengths and challenges to provide a starting point for identifying areas of potential growth. Increase your organization’s ability to fulfill its mission by identifying and developing weak areas to create strong, sustainable programs.

Developing Capacity Building Plans
Move your organization forward towards realizing the mission it serves with a comprehensive capacity building plan. We help you develop and improve all the elements that make your organization strong. Create and improve strategic relationships, develop resources to achieve sustainability, and strengthen leadership and management for effective program delivery and greater impact.

Strategic Planning
We help you shape your vision and mission into clear attainable goals and create the detailed comprehensive plan to get you there.

Fund Development Planning
Identify and secure new resources and strengthen and develop current funding channels with a strong fund development plan. Identify and articulate the mission, objectives and past successes in order to inspire new funding. Obtain the resources you need for a sustainable future.

Board Development
The board determines the direction of an organization; make sure you have the best possible people in place. Create a compelling message to attract the most qualified candidates and create a board of diverse and talented people. Or strengthen an existing board with a tailored training program designed to include and inspire, keeping everyone working towards a common vision.

Does anyone ever thank you for creating this remarkable vehicle [Giving Circle] for philanthropy in our community? This is what it looks like to “walk your talk." Nicely Done!

Janette Force,
Executive Director, PT Film Institute

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