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We facilitate your process for smooth transitions, effective planning and increased ability to meet goals, develop initiatives and create positive change in your organization.

We conduct a comprehensive assessment of your organization evaluating the current situation in relationship to the immediate needs and long-term goals.

Process Design
Using both linear and visual models, we create an easy to understand process design plan that addresses key elements including workflow, resource allotment, staffing, time and technology needs.

Action Plan Development
Drawing on our experience, expertise and awareness of current and future trends, we work with you to create a detailed blueprint tailored to your specific program goals and objectives.

Meeting Planning
Meetings keep key players informed and aligned with the long-term vision and immediate program developments. We help you plan and develop effective meetings that maximize the value of everyone’s time.

Strategic Guidance
Changing circumstances are an inevitable part of any short or long-term process. We provide the focused guidance you need to meet your goals, with the necessary flexibility to adapt to new developments along the way.

Theory of Change

The Theory of Change is a practical tool used to identify and achieve positive change. The first step is to develop and test specific strategies and possible results in order to develop a compelling picture of the desired outcome. Once the desired result is established we identify what can be realistically accomplished in the next one to three years, and which strategies require a longer-term plan. The final step is to identify beliefs and principles that form the foundation of the objective. Bringing these three elements together, we can move forward with clarity and focus.

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