KLMayer guides foundations towards realizing their full potential. Combining her expertise along with her extended network of partners, foundations obtain the skills that allow them to serve their community to the fullest extent possible.

Campion Foundation
Using strategic planning methods, KLMayer worked with the Champion Foundation to develop strategies for program areas of wilderness preservation, ending homelessness in Washington State, and strengthening nonprofits. She also provided executive coaching and framed specific work plans that enable staff to carry out the foundation's vision.

Paul G. Allen Family Foundation
Mayer worked with the Paul G. Allen Family Foundation to develop some strategic entry points into a new funding arena: public education. Kristina acted as a liaison between applicant and foundation developing initiatives, identifying leaders and helping applicants prepare grant applications. The project resulted in the New Teacher Project, an initiative that focuses on keeping new teachers in schools through mentoring practices and induction into the profession that supports teachers through the crucial first five years. Mayer also worked on a $2-3 million high school education initiative to link rigorous academic learning to internships.

Port Townsend Public Library Foundation
Over a three-month period, Kristina worked with the Library Director and an executive committee to develop a training program for board members. The training focused on developing efficiency in fundraising by streamlining the fundraising process during a capital campaign to raise public and private funds. In the training workshops, board members discussed and analyzed "the anatomy of an ask", the process of developing a compelling story and structuring the approach used to inspire donors to give. Established in 1898, the Port Townsend Public Library is an historic gem and cornerstone of community history housed in the original Carnegie building in Uptown Port Townsend.

Through Kristina's workshops, the board increased their capacity to raise money, and was able to put the skills into effect immediately through a Carnegie Party that resulted in sixty thousand dollars in new donations.

Satterberg Foundation
Kristina presented a board development workshop on strategic philanthropy to the Satterberg Foundation. After completing the workshop, the Foundation hired her to work with their board's grant guideline committee. Kristina created processes for two types of grant applications; capacity building grants and general support grants.

Seattle Foundation
In collaboration with the Seattle Foundation, KLMayer facilitated a process review of the Building Resilience Initiative to determine what would work and what was challenging. She conducted participant interviews and utilized skills in analytic thinking to distill information into key concepts. The process was completed with a written report of lessons learned.

Peninsula College Foundation
In collaboration with the Peninsula College Foundation Executive Director, Kris Mayer lead the Foundation board members in a series of workshops that focused the participants on advancing the college through fund development. In collaboration with Kristina, the board members developed key messages that encompass the mission of the college and learned how to effectively deliver those messages. Through the workshop trainings, participants learned the principles of relationship building, how to use donor-centered approaches and the art of asking in the fundraising process.

The Heinz Endowments Education Program
KLMayer facilitated a strategic planning process for the education division of the Heinz Endowments that included diverse internal and external stakeholders. The resulting strategic plan positioned the staff to provide greater leadership in the field, effectively manage internal expectations and relationships as well as outlining a grant-giving program with measureable outcomes for African American students in Pittsburgh Public Schools and Alleghany County.

Giving Circles Hosted by Jefferson County Community Foundation
Through group facilitation and coaching, KLMayer facilitated the launch of Giving Circles as part of the Jefferson County Community Foundation. A Giving Circle is a philanthropic vehicle for groups of individual donors to combine resources and decide together how best to channel funds. Over a five year period, Kristina guided Women Who Care Giving Circle and the Gifting the Future Giving Circle in developing their vision, funding criteria, and understanding of philanthropic standards of practice. Through this and other Giving Circles, Kristina aims to both invigorate longtime donors and open the world of philanthropy to newcomers.

The Martinez Foundation
KLMayer facilitated the development of a strategic plan aimed at building organizational capacity in order to bolster programming and sustainability plans. She guided the foundation in refreshing their mission, developed a financial plan, conducted interviews and created a roadmap for successful program development. The Martinez Foundation grants scholarships and promotes an innovative social justice curriculum for aspiring teachers.

Weyerhaeuser Company Foundation
The Weyerhaeuser Company Foundation hired KLMayer to evaluate its education giving program, which has an annual budget of close to $10 million. After completing the report, she helped refresh the Foundation's grantmaking application and reporting requirement structures, and introduced tool developments to ensure more accountability for outcomes and impact on student learning. She also facilitated strategic planning involving team leaders across the country to develop company-wide approaches to leveraging investments nation wide.

Whitefish Community Foundation
During Whitefish Community Foundation's annual nonprofit training day, Kristina facilitated all aspects of the training and offered programs focused on fund development, creating effective boards and grantmaking. Part of the training day included an on-the-spot review of 10 grant proposals.

Alutiiq Heritage Foundation

The Alutiiq Heritage Foundation preserves the Alutiit culture through language archaeology, educational programs/outreach and an extensive museum that consists of close to 250,000 pieces related to the cultural history of the Alutiiq people. The Museum includes archaeological materials, photographs, natural history specimens, ethnographic objects, archival items and film & audio recordings. Recently many artifacts have been rediscovered from sites around the world including Finland, Russia and France.

During an extended period, Kristina worked with the Alutiiq Heritage Foundation on site in Kodiak Alaska developing a strategic plan and employing the Theory of Change to facilitate the process of building a strong future for the Foundation. Kristina engaged focus groups both with stake holders and with internal staff as part of her work to create a strategic plan focused on sustainable practices and funding sources.

To facilitate program development, Kristina invited partners from within the foundation as well as outside partners to rate the current offerings and look closely at the collective impact of all the programs offered by the Heritage Foundation. This process helped focus the program offerings for maximum impact and best use of available resources.
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