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Government Agencies

Facilitating change, KLMayer brings her analytical skills and visionary abilities to guide government agencies in developing, maintaining and achieving excellence and effectiveness in the communities they serve.

City of Kirkland
KLMayer performed analysis of the best options going forward in order to develop a new structure for the economic council. Kristina interviewed stakeholders and compiled the information in a paper that illustrates themes. In addition, she analyzed and tested five different organizational structures and concluded the project by making recommendations for the future.

Jefferson County Health Department
Dr. Mayer facilitated a multi-stakeholder work group to provide citizen input to septic system code revisions. The revisions are intended to allow homeowners the opportunity to inspect their own systems over systematic intervals of time and were developed over five open meetings that included public comment. In addition, KLMayer facilitated three public forums for additional comment and review. She will also facilitate the presentation to the Board of Health. Sam Gibboney was a co-collaborator and provided technical expertise and documentation of the process.

King County Housing Authority
Dr. Mayer worked with the Kent County Housing Authority performing data analysis for the East Hill of Kent education project. By leveraging existing services, the project helped increase education attainment for children living in public housing in East Hill of Kent by developing strategies for student achievement.

Port Townsend Public Library
Using the theory of change model Mayer developed a fund development plan designed to strengthen and stabilize fundraising on the eve of a capital campaign. She facilitated three support groups to focus library personnel in the same direction and created a logic model to guide the plan. The result was a case statement and a biannual fund development plan that will be refreshed yearly.

Puget Sound Grantwriters Association
For the past two years, Kristina has facilitated the closing plenary session for the Puget Sound Grantwriters Association's annual conference of 500 people. The event includes a real-time panel that reviews and awards actual grants as a way of teaching effective grantmaking and grantwriting. At the conference, Kristina helps organize people to renew grants and apply grants to proposals under consideration.

Washington State Art Commission
KLMayer planned and facilitated a Creative Vitality Index Plot project for The Washington State Arts Commission. The project uses a data-on-demand tool to demonstrate the value of the creative economy in local economic development. The project included Creative Vitality Index training and convening.

Washington State University, King County Extension: 4-H Diversity Initiative
Kristina managed the development of a strategic framework designed to guide the King County 4-H work plans for the next three to five years. She utilized skills in meeting design and conducted stakeholder interviews. The resulting plan focused on re-engaging urban youth and included strategies for how to bridge the philosophical differences between rural and urban members.

Washington Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction

Prior to Kristina's appointment to the State Board of Education in 2006, she utilized analytic and writing skills to edited and embellished the State Professional Development Guide, Volume II. The guide was distributed statewide to teachers and administrators, and contains all state-sponsored resources for professional development.

Port Townsend Library, Jefferson County Library and Port Townsend Public School Library Collaboration

The City of Port Townsend hired KLMayer to facilitate a collaborative effort between Port Townsend City Library and the Port Townsend Public School Library to move toward utilizing a shared information system. Kristina facilitated the development of a framework for the collaborative that not only allows students in the public school system to access information and resources from both the city and county libraries, but also lead to the development of a set of guidelines for building the communities collection. She worked closely with the organizations involved to create and execute a comprehensive plan.

Students now have access to the entire digital information system and can search and request print books through the database for delivery to the school library. Access to information provides the resources students need to stay competitive. Using the professionally selected database, students can learn how to navigate the information system for effective electronic or print research. This successful collaboration has greatly increased the quantity and quality of information available to students.

The success of the collaborative has inspired the award of two highly competitive grants from the Gifting the Future Giving Circle hosted by the Jefferson County Community Foundation and the Paul G. Allen Family Foundation.
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