Nia is a movement form that draws on the dance, martial and healing arts combining physical conditioning with mental awareness. The 52 base moves that create the foundation of the practice correspond to the core, base and extremities of the body. In the Nia practice, the dancer is first and foremost paying attention to the body. Through the exploration of the personal sensation of natural time and movement, the dancer seeks to find joy in the movement. Fitness is the business of the body, a foundational principle of Nia. Through this movement practice, the dancer learns to listen to the body while bringing success principles to personal fitness through goal setting, creating plans, making decisions, and achieving results.

In leadership, work and life, these success principles apply to every element. By practicing Nia, we get more than just personal fitness; we learn to create sustainable paths to ongoing success. Ultimately, being present in life, work and play is about living through sensation, connection, and the authentic self.

Having a personal practice such as Nia brings benefit to our bodies, our mind and spirit...a winning combination in today's world!

Why We Dance

Why we dance:
To dance is to pray,
To dance is to heal,
To heal is to give,
To give is to live,
To live is to dance.

~Marijo Moore

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