Soul Motion

Soul Motion™, created by Vinn Martí, is a conscious dance practice that inspires inquiry into relational landscapes with self, with community and with the infinite.

Students of Soul Motion™ discover the intimate dance with self through grounding and breath, and develop the ability to hold space in the presence of others. This is one of the foundational practices in the art of Soul Motion™.

From the dance with self, the practice extends into the dance of communion and the dance with others. Students learn to inspire others and be open to inspiration from others without losing self in the personality of another. The dance of community is a sacred ground for further extending our spiral of perception to include everyone and everything. It is at once intimate and circular in all directions.

The dance of infinity or the dance divine is an opportunity to connect with spirit in whatever way that is for the individual. It is the experience of being on the threshold of transformation and change. The dance of infinity is that courageous place of presence in life.

These elements are woven into the practice on the dance floor and in life. Soul Motion™ is a movement practice and life practice that creates the foundation for living in the moment, fully aware and present for work, for others, and for self.


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