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Our Strategic Network

A Seattle based consulting firm founded by Nancy Ashley, Heliotrope works with clients to develop child care, out-of school time care, domestic violence, juvenile justice, youth development and community development solutions. They provides strategic planning, meeting and event facilitation, research, writing process evaluation, data gathering and analysis, project management grantwriting, focus groups and surveys, and system analysis and design services. Heliotrope is a co-consulting partner with KLMayer.

Kristina co-consulted with Heliotrope Consulting on Re-Investing In Youth, a drop out reduction initiative and Powerful Schools, a South Seattle Nonprofit Formed to Promote Student Success.

KLMayer was the content advisor for Re-Investing In Youth, a drop-out reduction initiative that focuses on ways to re-engage kids in the education system. The collaborative effort included juvenile justice groups, municipal leaders, county executives and educators in the City of Seattle and the Casey Family Foundation. Kristina coauthored the final report, "Educating All Our Children: A Comprehensive Plan for Reducing the Drop-out Rate in King County."

Kristina helped with the strategic planning process for Powerful Schools, a nonprofit based in Southeast Seattle that was formed in 1991 to promote student success in some of the city's academically and economically challenged public elementary schools. Programs include Powerful Writers, Powerful Readers and Powerful Arts.

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