Culver City, CA
Public Speaking & Workshops

Drawing on her background and experience in organizational development, philanthropy and education, KLMayer delivers talks and speeches in the following areas:

Capacity Building
With a strong background in organizational development and capacity building, KLMayer creates and delivers thoughtfully prepared speaking engagements designed to inspire and engage communities and community leaders.

Develop your philanthropic initiatives and ideas with compelling public speaking engagements. KLMayer has skill, expertise and a strong history in the philanthropic sector.

K-12 education
Dr. Mayer brings her experience in education and her passion for positive change in the education sector to public speaking events.


Leadership Through Movement
Developing physical awareness increases mental ability and reduces stress for more effective leadership. With training in conscious dance and movement, we present workshops designed to improve leadership performance and sustainability through conscious movement. Balance body and mind and go farther than you ever thought possible.

Grant Writing Training
Learn how to write compelling grants with our grantwriting training workshops. We teach the art of researching and writing grants that get the results you want. Funding is a critical part of organizational success, develop the skills you need to obtain the grants that make your mission and vision possible.

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